2018 ARRL International Grid Chase Certificates

Search for the list of available award certificates for a given call sign below.
Certificates will be provided in the PDF Adobe PDF icon format.

  • Enter a call sign and click "Certificate Search."
  • You can generate an OVERALL certificate, or details by month.
    • For an OVERALL certificate, first click the checkbox at the end of the row in the Overall Score table.
    • Next, click the "Generate Overall Certificate" button.
    • For a DETAILS certificate:
    • Select one (1) month from the Overall Scores table.
      Select Band/Mode filters BEFORE selecting the month row, if desired.
      The results will automatically filter for that month.
      Clearing the month selection will show all months again.
    • Select up to sixteen (16) detail rows for that month to show on your certificate.
    • Next, click either of the "Generate Detail Certificate" buttons.

Enter a call sign:

Call Sign *   Band / Mode      

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