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Can I trust in LoTW? No!

Jul 26th 2014, 15:10


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Since the latest crash one week or so ago, the total QSO recorded is bigger than my total number of QSO.
I have downloaded the entre LoTW log to compare with mine, and I realized there is a mess!
Here are a few examples of almost-duplicates:

CS0RCL/P 2002-07-07 13:15:00 60M SSB 5.288000
CS0RCL/P 2002-07-07 13:15:00 15M CW 21.008000

Same date, same time, different band (one not allowed in F) and mode...

YI9ZF 2004-06-14 20:24:48 20M CW 10.107000
YI9ZF 2004-06-14 20:24:48 30M CW 10.107000

OH0/SM0JHF 2004-06-14 20:58:26 20M CW 10.109000
OH0/SM0JHF 2004-06-14 20:58:26 30M CW 10.109000

Worse. Same date, same time, different band but same frequency!

I have a dozen of such entries.
Of course I have raised a ticket, which was never answered...
Jul 28th 2014, 19:16


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LoTW/TQSL does not change log entries. And since all of the data is digitally signed we know with absolute certainty that both sets of records originated outside of Logbook with someone having access to the F8DQL certificate.

If a user changes something in his log, and re-signs/re-submits the altered log to LoTW, the system must consider these to be new QSOs and keeps them. In this case, the bands were changed in the original log, and then re-uploaded into LoTW.

Fixing log data is a fairly common practice as we all want matches for our QSOs, and if we have submitted incorrect logs, matches will not occur. The "bad" QSOs do not harm anything, but will be included in the QSO count seen on the user's account page.
Jul 30th 2014, 11:03


Joined: May 28th 2012, 12:35
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Hi N1NN,
Thanks for your reply. My total QSO number has raised after the latest LoTW crash without any new upload from my part.
Plus, as an example, the logging software I use does not allow a QSO to be recorded on 60M band! This band is not granted in France. It is consequently impossible to have signed then uploaded a QSO on that band.
By the way, I am really surprised there is no coherency check on LoTW, some QSO are recorded with a band which does not match the frequency:
YI9ZF 2004-06-14 20:24:48 20M CW 10.107000
Nov 22nd 2019, 15:29


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I just discovered something quite disturbing today while trying to sort out my needed QSLs on LOTW. There are quite a few QSOs that are in my LOTW log that are NOT in my station log. I don't have a clue how they got there or who put them there, but there they are. Now the question is troublesome... how to get rid of these bogus QSOs. The answer has been plaguing me for years. There is no way to delete defective QSO entries. I am not certain why the LOTW development team chose to do this but it has to change, otherwise LOTW is worthless. There are QSOs in my database on LOTW that will never be confirmed and are not valid because I didn't put them there. I am beginning to understand why so many EU and AS stations don't like LOTW... we have no control over what is in our log.
Rory, K5CKS

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