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best solar panel vs RFI

Sep 20th 2014, 23:13

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I interested in any real life experiences with solar panels on the ham shack. I have heard that the solar panels with the inverter in the panel is a good way to go, both energy and cost effective. But they may cause RFI. I just want to put up a couple panels now for back up power and then add on as I can.
I appreciate your real world experience/adventure with solar power.
Sep 26th 2014, 16:47


Joined: Sep 2nd 2003, 12:14
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I've never heard of solar panels with built-in inverters. Typically, solar panels are used to charge 12 or 24-volt batteries via some sort of charge controller. If 120 VAC is desired, an inverter is attached to the batteries.

Are you perhaps confusing inverters with charge controllers? They perform two completely different functions.

Mark AI4BJ
Feb 4th 2015, 23:47


Joined: Dec 27th 2014, 01:59
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I just built a portable solar generator with a 100W Renogy panel and it's working great.
My rig is contained in a Craftsman tool box and I built a cage/frame for the panel with a handcart/dolly built into that for easy bug out. It's hooked up to a deep cycle marine battery and a 500W Craftsman inverter. No, it's not that simple but you can find all of the schematics online and Renogy even gives you the full Monty if you buy the "starter kit." In the end that can charge any electronic device, phone, computer, etc. and even run my pellet stove. I'm sure it could run a ham without breaking a sweat.

Just check local laws, as I think you can only do so much with solar now if you don't have an electrician handy. Go figure...we find a source of free energy and Washington finds a way to dip in. Of course, a couple of 100W panels can shut you down hard if you're not careful, so don't skimp on the fuses, sir.

I'm actually new to ham radio and am in the process of scouting out the internet for some used gear to get on the air. I've got a handheld, which of course I can charge with my solar rig but the range is not even enough to get me to the closest repeater.

If I get set up and power up with the solar, I'll chime back in.

I think the question you need answered, and I guess I will as well, is just how much power do we need to power a 100W rig for instance? My solar rig can put out 500W from the marine battery, though I'm not totally sure how long it will push that out, with or without sunshine to back it up.

Chris KC1CYM

Feb 4th 2015, 23:56


Joined: Dec 27th 2014, 01:59
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I just saw the dates on these posts.

This guy is probably on the moon by now with a solar rocket! Sorry about that...

Well, if anyone thinks my rig will work to power me up or if I need more power let me know.
Chris KC1CYM
May 30th 2015, 02:01

Joined: Jul 2nd 2012, 11:16
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Hi Chris! Yes, the first two posts are a little dated. Since I am thinking about a solar backup system I appreciate your comment. Thanks!
Chuck KH6DL

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