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LoTW does not fully confirm AK.

Dec 26th 2015, 18:37


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Had successful QSO with AK (SSB 20m) and uploaded from HRD. After other station uploaded it tried to match but complained about invalid Grid (BP64bw95). Somehow two extra digits "95" were added to the grid (not sure why since QRZ page shows correct grid). He resubmitted QSO anyway. Although LoTW finds a match, it only says "United States" and does not recognize it as Alaska (AK) for WAS. The grid now shows correctly as BP64bw. Download from LoTW showed LoTW confirmation on QRZ for a short time, but now only shows QRZ confirmation. LoTW will not label it "Alaska (AK)" and WAS status shows AK as missing. Any ideas?
Jan 4th 2016, 20:44


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Be certain you are using TQSL 2.2

Edit a Station Location

1. Open TQSL
3. Highlight the station location to be edited by clicking on the location.
4. Select the EDIT LOCATION icon from the right side of the application window.
5. Fix the zones, grid and any other information.
6. Fix the US State, County and NPOTA information.
7. Finish at the end.
8. Now you can sign your log and upload again. The old geographic information will be overwritten by the new. Note: if warned about uploading duplicate QSOs or previously uploaded QSOS allow it this one time.

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