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Tying into power cord

Apr 4th 2018, 14:34


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Hi all-

I have a ASTRON SS-25M power supply and it has only 1 connecting terminal set. I want to run 2 radios (only 1 keyed up at a time!).

Is it ok to tye 1 radio's power cord into the power cord of the other? If so, should I do the tye in between the fuse and radio of the 1st radio?

Will use both IC706 MIIG and IC2710. Both set to 2m and/or 440.

1st = main power cord
2nd = power cord that tyes in.

Colin, W1EEK

PS- due to poor income a regulated metered power supply is out of reach at this time.
Apr 5th 2018, 12:37


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Niel modified his SS-25M--it now has multiple Powerpole output connectors and a pair of binding posts.
Nov 23rd 2019, 15:44


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Using conductors which can carry 125% of the power supply's rated continuous output, connect it's single output to some sort of multi port power outlet. If that first cord or wire set is more than a foot long it should be fused in line for it's listed ampacity. The multi port power distribution device does not have to be anything fancy. I strongly recommend that you do not spend money on elaborate assemblies which have all sorts of fancy features or built in fusing. No mater how careful you are you will eventually connect a wire to a connection point which is fused above the wires ampacity. If instead you install fuses in line in all your wire sets and cords the wire will have the proper protection no matter what it is plugged into.

If you are using listed wires or cord you do not have to use the derated value which the National Electrical Code calls out for some conductors. You can use the value from the ampacity tables which give the maximum continuous current for that wire with the insulation used. Select a fuse for the inline fuse holder which matches the table value for the ampacity of the conductor.

If you are using Powerpole connectors there are connecting blocks of those connectors which have up to 12 ports on them. These cost far less than assemblies which have built in fuse holders, meters, alarms, and other features of dubious value.

If you prefer binding posts for your wire terminations than fit each wire set or cord with crimp on fork terminals sized to fit the binding posts you are using. Any project or electrical box with space to fit the needed number of binding posts will make a fine mounting place for the multiple terminals. By adding a brass or copper washer between each crimp on terminal you can fit several on a single binding post.

Tom Horne W3TDH

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