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IC DIP Sockets - Gold Plated vs Tin Plated

Dec 12th 2018, 06:11


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Hello Everybody,

Does anyone here on the forum know if there are any advantages of using gold plated IC Sockets over tin plated IC sockets for soldering into a through-hole technology circuit board to justify the extra cost (2X) of the gold plated sockets?

I am rebuilding a vintage keyer with an updated circuit board and do not know if I should purchased gold plated or tin plated IC sockets.

Regarding the IC sockets, I am referring to the pins of the socket that are soldered into the circuit board.

Thank You for your assistance and 73's

Dec 12th 2018, 07:14


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Gold doesn't rust or oxidize. As a keyer uses very low currents that won't burn through an oxidation layer, I use gold plated sockets or just solder in the parts.

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
Dec 20th 2018, 15:24


Joined: Sep 2nd 2003, 12:14
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If cost is an issue, I would not hesitate to use tin plated sockets. If, a few years down the road, you suspect that you may have developed a poor contact, it's easy enough to re-seat the IC in the socket, and you should be good for another few years.

Mark, AI4BJ

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