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In-vehicle power system

Feb 22nd 2019, 20:21


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The object is to provide an in-vehicle power system substantially independent of the vehicle’s native system, while adequate to run an Icom IC-7100 transceiver which can draw up to 22 amps. For space available reasons I would use a Summit Racing XSP-D5100R (12 volt deepcycle/starting) AGM battery or similar. This radio system battery would be connected through a circuit breaker and then to the #1 position of a 2 pole rocker switch (Up=acc #1, center=off, down=acc #2). When the rocker switch is in the up position, the battery supplied circuit will first terminate in an MFJ 1106 DC power distribution unit and then to a buck-boost and finally to the radio. To maintain the radio system battery, I would use a Samlex BBM-1225 (, wired through the rocker switch acc #2 and powered through the vehicle’s USB power port. These ports are off when the vehicle engine is off. Hence, the BBM-1225 will not drain the vehicle battery while it is parked, but can be on by activating the down position on the rocker switch while driving. Meanwhile, pushing the up position on the rocker will cut off the BBM-1225, isolating the battery for use only to the radio. Also, this rocker position would allow use of the radio while parked.
My question is do you think the BBM-1225 and battery layout as described will work as intended here?
Nov 20th 2019, 13:25


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I assume you've figured this out by now as this was posted back in Feb. I am no expert by any means, but just a thought. Car Stereo places have installed 2nd battery systems on vehicles so that the stereo has it's own battery and charging system to power the radio, amps, etc, and not drain the regular veh's battery. You could check with a car stereo place and see what type of set-up they use or suggest.

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