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BackPack frame mounted 2m/70cm antenna question

Jul 21st 2019, 12:35


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New member, new ham so bear with me here. Looking to mount an antenna on the frame of my pack(external frame ‘old style’) the goals being to get the antenna out of my face, and hopefully get it above where the HT antenna sits now while clipped onto the shoulder strap. I’ve acquired a convenient mount that would accommodate any sized antenna mount with a little machining so that’s not an issue. My ideal height of antenna would be around 27”, and would like it to be dualband, although I’m not opposed to having two antennas and a duplexer. I want to use it with my YAESU ft65r. Would an antenna like the SS-680SBNMO work with given constraints? Would the frame of the pack work as a counterpoise? Would I be better off insulating it and making a wire counterpoise/‘rat tail’? Or should I just mount the Diamond SRJ77A on the pack and rig up the corresponding coax and external mike? Naturally I’m not looking for best case, just a little taller of an antenna, out of my face, that is relatively ‘rugged’....apologies if this has already been covered, but I’ve looked around and haven’t been able to nail down a solid answer/approach. Thanks in advance!
Jul 22nd 2019, 12:56


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Modifying an external frame pack for antennas.

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