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Circuit Board Design Questions

Jan 11th 2020, 19:24


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Hello Everybody,

If there is anybody that has done circuit board design (either professionally or as an amateur), I have a few questions regarding the design. This is my very first attempt at designing a circuit board assembly for a ham radio application.

I am using one of the free shareware circuit board design SW to design a receive only switchable attenuater along with a Low Pass Filter, 50:75 ohms impedance transformer. I purchased a pre-amp that will be part of the system. It will be part of a Hula Loop antennas system.

My questions are the following...

1) What width is commonly used for the traces? The system default appears to be .010 inch. Does it need to be wider?

2) Do my traces need to be at 45 degree intervals when changing direction verses 90 degree intervals?

3) If I were to have components on both sides of the board (i.e. SMT devices), what size via feedthrough hole size would be appropriate?

4) For THT (Through Hole Technology) parts, how much larger in diameter should the hole pad be compared to the lead diameter (Ex: 10% larger)?

Thank You for your assistance.

Best Regards and 73s,


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