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Tuning trim/add to EFHW antenna?

Jul 10th 2020, 08:51


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I have a 40m EFHW antenna that works well considering all things. It's routed up a cedar pole, over a roof (w/18" stand-off), and over to a cherry tree ... the HOA cops haven't spotted it yet!

The SWR min is coming in lower than the design (the route and proximity issues detune the antenna). I'm just using the built in SWR meter in my ICOM IC-7100, FYI. Close 'nuf.

Is there a way to calculate how much antenna wire I need to add or subtract if I know the difference in frequency and what direction the SWR minimum needs to go to be optimal?

Thanks ... been around for awhile but still a newb..

Jul 12th 2020, 08:51


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You could could use antenna modeling software to figure out what it does in an idealized situation and extrapolate that to your installation, but the most practical solution is to get an an Antenna Analyzer to do SWR sweeps of the antenna to speed up the cut and try.

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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