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Latest Entry Level HF Radios

Aug 31st 2021, 10:18


Joined: Jan 1st 2019, 10:29
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Hello all,

I've had my license for quite some time now, but have only ever used it for VHF/UHF operation. This is largely because I haven't purposed to set aside money for an HF rig. I know it's time to do this, and I'm motivate.

What are your suggestions for entry level HF equipment that would get me on 160 meters through 6 meters? I'm looking for the following:

1) radio (I have some decent VHF/UHF gear, so don't necessarily need an "all band" radio that covers those bands)
2) antenna tuner
3) antenna that I can put in my attic that will do ok for all (or most) bands while I learn more about each band

I haven't really decided on my budget limitations yet, and I'm willing to buy new equipment too - hence the title "Latest Entry Level..." (I've noticed companies have reduced inventory and offerings.) I would love to have something that has a built-in antenna tuner, to minimize my gear footprint, as I don't have a lot of space.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


Sep 13th 2021, 20:13


Joined: Sep 2nd 2003, 12:14
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I'm certainly biased, but if I were in your shoes, I would look for a used Elecraft K3. With the K4 now finally in production, there are a lot of K3's coming up for sale. Because the K3 is modular, you will see a wide range of asking prices, depending on how "loaded" the radio is. The only options you really need are the 100W PA, KUSB for SSB, and the ATU. The ATU is widely regarded as one of the best available, able to tune a box spring with rusty springs. (I exaggerate only slightly...)

73, Mark AI4BJ
Oct 5th 2021, 07:25


Joined: May 6th 2016, 01:56
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ICOM 718 radio
MFJ build yourself antenna tuner kit 100 watt
Earchi endfed antenna kit
All simple projects to learn the basics
Feb 15th 2022, 16:19


Joined: Apr 10th 2013, 12:15
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I just got a Xiegu X6100 HF + 50MHz radio with 10 watts (QRP). Only about $650 and it has a built-in tuner and SWR meter. I just got my general last week and am having fun with this little radio with waterfall display and CW decoding. I got a BuddyStickPro vertical antenna that is working really well with the radio.

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