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5BDXCC award fees

Dec 28th 2021, 01:51


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I can accept the $12 cost for the paper 5BandDXCC certificate. However, I cannot see how it fundamentally makes sense to charge another (upto) $60 for the gold stickers that go on it.

Yes, I was charged $10 each for each gold sticker that can't cost more than 5 cents. I am stationed overseas US Military base using a USA military address (APO) so it should be at least only $7.50 but still; the cost is shocking.

I question the following cut/paste where it is a bit wordy but hits that a one-time cost of $7.50 will be charged (upto six stickers) when applying for the 5Bdxcc certificate; which I feel is acceptable. Honestly, I can print out my own stickers if I realized the sticker shock.

I know the ARRL needs to stay in business but I have invested well over $200 so far in dxcc in the past 2 years not including the costs of OQRS and direct mail QSL cards. I know it costs money but it needs to be reasonable.

If the last line below is not meant to be a one-time flat fee for upto 6 stickers, why have it there at all? It serves absolutly no purpose if it doesn't mean the one-time flat fee.

ARRL, I still love you, just a bit shocked.

__ 2 Meter __ 6 Meter __ 12 Meter __ 17 Meter __ 30 Meter __ 160 Meter
(fee shown is the complete one-time cost for a request of just one, or up to all six stickers - if eligible)

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