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QRP Wattmeter article

Sep 19th 2022, 15:44


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In QST October 2022 there is an article about constructing a QRP digital Wattmeter. There are quite a few omissions in this article! In the diagram there are jumpers J4-J6 but nowhere is it mentioned that a 1 turn loop to connect to the toroids should be done. The A1 IC has a 5Vdc supply, but no regulator is shown in the schematic! There is a link for one to go and download a Gerber file to make the PCB, but I cannot find it when I log into the ARRL site or if I just copy the given link and go directly to the site. I do get an error. Gerber files are a necessity if one wants to get a PCB manufacturer to make a board! Finally I can find an Arduino Nano v.3 on EBay, but not the v.2. If I try to go directly Tayda site I see that it is no longer available from the manufacturer! I suppose I could try to buy a compatible Arduino Nano, but that leaves one final question!!!! Arduinos are programmable UProc, and nowhere in this article is there any mention about installing code to run the UProc. I guess one is supposed to be proficient at composing code for Arduinos, but I'm guessing that is out of reach of the average ham. So where is the code? I've built other projects from QST articles like the TDR project and they do work quite well. And that is one of the reasons why I know about Gerber files needed to make a PCB from a manufacture.
Sep 21st 2022, 14:45


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Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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I was able to log out of and then download this file.

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