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AC to DC Converter... aka Wall Wart

Nov 22nd 2022, 12:34


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I need an ac to dc converter for another project. Probably, similar to most, I have a box of them as collected over the years.

I need 12 VDC output. Checking the wall warts marked as 12 VDC output I find everyone, so far, is > 12 VDC. I checked with a digital VOM and an analog VOM and get the same results.

Is this common? Do voltages normally exceed the printed value on the converter? If so, how high is acceptable when something wants/expected 12 VDC input?

If I have posted this query in the wrong forum, please move to the correct forum.

Nov 23rd 2022, 10:55


Super Moderator

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Yes, that is common. Most are cheap and may not have a voltage regulator.

I remember the Icom IC-2AT that included a slip of paper warning not to exceed the 12 volt limit on the radio. Ham gear often includes a voltage specification.

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