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WAS endorsement delays Jul 28th 2020, 12:11 4 6,513 on 4/8/20

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WAS endorsement delays N0YO on 28/7/20
I understand the situation with covid-19. I guess I'm concerned because I've always received the endorsement stickers at the same time as the certificates.This time I did not. I'm sure the staff is doing the best they can in this situation. I am just concerned the endorsements had be overlooked.
WAS endorsement delays N0YO on 28/7/20
I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing delays in receiving WAS endorsement stickers. I have yet to receive stickers for applications dated 4/2 and 6/19 of this year. I have received the related certificates including my 5BWAS but none of the 10 endorsements applied for.
Contact Stamp Question K5CKS on 28/7/20
I'm just wondering if anyone else is having problems receiving endorsement stickers from headquarters. I submitted an application on 8 July 2020 for 300 grids which was approved. I have yet to see my endorsement stickers. BTW, I am having the same problem with two WAS applications.

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