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unknown digital signal. what is this mode? Feb 10th 2022, 09:44 2 4,699 on 10/2/22
sunset to sunrise RFI on 80 40 and 30M Nov 19th 2020, 09:09 2 6,408 on 19/11/20

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unknown digital signal. what is this mode? AB8O on 10/2/22
I've noted an unknown (to me) signal several times in the FT8 band region: about 250 Hz wide with 8 channels, each about 10 Hz wide.
I've seen it on 40M and 20M. What is this mode?
73, John. AB8O
sunset to sunrise RFI on 80 40 and 30M AB8O on 19/11/20
I have RFI on 80, 40 and 30M each night from sunset to sunrise every day. Can I send a video of my IC-7300 panadapter as evidence?

It's ONLY from sunset to sunrise.

I’ll try to describe it…the signal is every 100 Hz, the frequency varies in what appears to be a sin fx or sawtooth over about 50 Hz…it’s periodicity is 2 Hz. So, on the waterfall, there are multiple zigzag patterns that repeat every 100 Hz. It begins to diminish a bit above 8 8 KHz and below 6.7 KHz. It’s still there on 80M and 30M but much less intense.
Any help appreciated.
73. John AB8O
FT8 AG5P on 1/2/19
Select File > Display or Modify Prefences...
Select ADIF Modes tab
Add... ADIF Mode = FT8
Resulting TQSL mode: DATA
This doesn't work for me...program will not let me Add FT8 ( or ANY mode) into the box ...Cancel is highlighted and i cannot activate the "OK" button. What am I missing?

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