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Fringe TV reception and 2 meters (filtering?) Apr 3rd 2015, 15:04 3 6,606 on 4/4/15

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Fringe TV reception and 2 meters (filtering?) KD0FGH on 3/4/15
Hi Everybody,
I live in a small town about 3 blocks long where we have 6 hams. Many of us operate on 2 meters from time to time. We are in a deep valley far, far away from the TV stations we receive "over the air" digital signals from. For TV reception, we use UHF yagis with a 116" long boom.

The issue I have a question about involves the signal blanking out on television sets any time any of us transmit on 2 meters. It does not matter who is transmitting. Has there been any success with using a 2 meter "no-pass" filter located as close to the TV tuner as possible? If so, are there certain filters that worked better than others?
Alan Reinpold

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