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Novemeber 2017 - Antenna Analyzer Oct 24th 2017, 18:00 15 8,948 on 16/1/18

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Novemeber 2017 - Antenna Analyzer rrmccabe on 11/1/18
I don't remember any resistor values being wrong but as I said the signal generator (one of most expensive parts) was wrong for sure. My SD card reader worked fine. My only issue was the indicated SWR was wrong on anything except a 1:1 match.
Novemeber 2017 - Antenna Analyzer rrmccabe on 10/1/18
I scrapped the project. I will be 100 before they get back to me. Two thumbs down on this one to ARRL for not vetting this better. The manual should have been an indicator of the rest of the project. The BOM still has incorrect signal generator board listed in it. I brought it to their attention after having to reorder a different type and its still has not been fixed.
Novemeber 2017 - Antenna Analyzer rrmccabe on 10/12/17
Thanks. Jack did respond to my email but no resolutions as of yet.
Novemeber 2017 - Antenna Analyzer rrmccabe on 8/12/17
That is not the case with this one. Connecting a 270 non inductive resistor to it should give me approx a 5:1 SWR but shows 300:1. 50 ohm resistor looks good. Something obviously is wrong.
Novemeber 2017 - Antenna Analyzer rrmccabe on 7/12/17
Hey Paul, thanks for the reply. I am at the same point with Jack and no replies.

My analyzer seems to function but does not display SWR correctly. On a dummy load it reads well but on a real antenna with 1.5:1 SWR it is off the charts. Have yet to figure it out.

I appreciate the efforts for the project but think the league should have vetted the project better before publishing it.

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