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W1AW/1-CT Logs Incomplete Sep 25th 2014, 16:33 1 8,314 on 25/9/14 can now sign LoTW logs May 20th 2014, 18:56 2 7,552 on 23/5/14
ASSP version inconsistency at Jun 21st 2013, 18:12 1 6,990 on 21/6/13
RTTY Procedure Guide Dec 11th 2012, 23:26 4 16,314 on 16/1/13
Looking for an old QSL Card - K4IBJ Oct 31st 2012, 17:50 2 6,924 on 10/2/14
Electronic QST problems on Linux May 23rd 2012, 18:29 11 9,021 on 14/12/15
WAS Forum Mar 30th 2012, 01:35 4 7,425 on 19/6/12

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WAS 2015 W9HZ on 14/4/15
My WAS certificate shipped March 11th (it's the new version).

You might want to try contacting the awards desk ...
Error in my Cabrillo Export WB7FHC on 19/1/15
I tried quite a few times to export a Cabrillo file for the 10m contest but was never able to produce an acceptable one. And the rejection e-mails I received were devoid of any helpful content.

I finally gave up on the contest and moved on to something else.
W1AW/1-CT Logs Incomplete K0STK on 25/9/14
The leaderboard shows that W1AW/1-CT has uploaded their logs. But there are only 2 QSOs ...

edit 1:

As of Fri Sep 26 14:09:32 UTC 2014 the leaderboard now shows 25,529 QSOs. But 2 of my QSOs are missing.
5B DXCC plaque with LOTW F8CRS on 23/9/14
Quote by F8CRS
I'd like to know how to get the dxcc plaque on LOTW? or do I have to check paper cards?

Have you looked at and ? can now sign LoTW logs K0STK on 20/5/14

"Our next big announcement concerns our online logbook. Many, many folks have asked us for LoTW integration and we're pleased to announce that this is now available to all Logbook subscribers. This means that if you're an LoTW user, you can push your QRZ logs directly to LoTW with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. The logbook offers options to send individual QSO's, lists of QSO's, or even your entire logbook directly to LoTW. We have created a configuration page which allows you to import your LoTW certificate into QRZ so that we can sign and send the logs on your behalf."

According to page 4 at they have you export a certificate which is not protected by a password. Then you upload that unlocked certificate to their server,

This seems to me to be a dilution of the identity assurance provided by LoTW.

edit: a word

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