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End fed wire antenna ... workable?? N0CHS on 1/10/18
Colin - While there are better choices, I think a base loaded vertical is the way to go in your situation. You will be able to cover the bands you mentioned, albeit without sufficient radials, it will favor the higher bands. An end fed for your situation will be a rather poor choice. In comparing an 85 ft end fed at 30 ft. to a 41 ft 40m vertical dipole, the vertical is the winner hands down. 73. Mark W1AAF
Need advice for burying radials ag7ov on 26/9/18
Don't make your installation permanent until you have had a chance to try several different types and settle on the one you want. (cement is rather permanent !). Instead, use a 4 x 4 x 10' pressure treated post for your antenna mount. Use a piece of flattened copper tubing to connect your radials. It does not need to be a "ring". 73, Mark W1AAF

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