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DX Quality Audio for Icom IC-7300 Nov 8th 2018, 11:56 1 8,616 on 8/11/18
Portable Operation Battery and XCVR Protection Sep 8th 2015, 18:53 5 11,403 on 11/9/15

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DX Quality Audio for Icom IC-7300 DV1UBY on 8/11/18
Any recommendations on how to achieve DX quality audio for Icom IC-7300? What are the settings, equipment and peripherals etc. are required in order to achieve this? Thank you.
Portable Operation Battery and XCVR Protection DV1UBY on 11/9/15
Meaning i need to connect the hf/vhf radios directly to batteries, take note of the polarity without any circuit protection aside from having fuses in the connect leads? I saw a locally made battery...a deep cycle type:


The solar power battery is designed specifically for solar power installations, particularly those in which it is desirable that maintenance be kept to a minimum.


microwave stationsradio repeatersany remote or hard to reach installationany renewable energy installation


Longer discharge period and a lower discharge rateUse of thicker, high-density platesExcellent cycling capability because of thick lead-antimony gridsHeavy duty glass-mat separators resisting plate corrosion and increasing battery life

Is 200AH is enough for heavy radio user like me?
Portable Operation Battery and XCVR Protection DV1UBY on 8/9/15
I would like to know what kind of telecoms battery for radio operation such as HF transceivers? I'm planning to operate in portable or stationary station. Also, I want to protect my XCVR from battery power surge. Please advise. Thanks.

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