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Field Day Digital Questions 0008411728H80 on 27/7/17
We had a guy doing PSK-31, he got well over 100 contacts. It works quite well.
I did JT65 for a couple hours, it was tilting at windmills. I made a few contacts, but they didn't count. The problem is that there's no protocol for getting the state and category, and it's impossible to explain what you want 16 characters at a time.
JT65 during Field Day N4FWD on 26/6/17
Now that I've had a chance to think about it, I realize that JT65 is not in the spirit of the exercise. Field Day is simulating an emergency communication situation. If you can't exchange an arbitrary piece of information, then it isn't useful in an emergency.
JT65 during Field Day N4FWD on 25/6/17
I tried JT65 yesterday for quite awhile during field day. I got 3 contacts, but didn't get the category and state from anybody. It's tilting at windmills to try and do this without an established protocol. There's no way in 16 characters per message to explain what you need.
I watched a lot more than I tried to send, to see if anybody was trying to do this. Nobody used anything other than the standard protocol.
QST mobile reader which does not suck? piranha32 on 17/12/16
One minor gripe with the new reader- the login box says "email address", but I couldn't log in, even made sure I was using the right password by changing it on the web site.
Worked fine when I entered my "username" instead.

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