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"...look elsewhere" W4MEC on 17/5/17
With the demise of ICM, over the last couple months I have been looking for a similar crystal manufacturer with no luck. I have emailed several that looked promising, either no answer or, no we don't do small orders. On page 83 of June QST is ARRL's the announcement of ICM's shutdown, and the best they could come up with was to look elsewhere. I thought I might engage the ARRL in this hunt. This week, I have had 2 major letdowns from the ARRL, the second was from the answer I got back when asking if the League would possibly negotiate with a manufacturer to see if their thinking could be changed on dealing with the small order market. Thinking that the League would be interested in representing their membership was quite flawed, as this request was not their 'policy'. I won't go into my first let down, quite an eye opener for the 48 year member who is doubting his loyalty. So, who in this forum has found a company that will make one crystal at a not too ridiculous price, I believe ICM had a $50 minimum which was acceptable since their per unit cost was around $30, and please don't say AF4K, I have a few of his 'close enough' crystals to know better now.

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