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Have you done radio physics experiments? LeeM on 4/8/11
I set up a nice experiment once for a batch of boy scouts. Two wires strung up side by side. Used a signal generator to put a signal on one and a meter on the other. Moved the frequency up from sound waves into ultra sound then into low RF. A very visible way of seeing radio at work.
Organization of the web page menus w1rfi on 27/7/11
Thanks for the prompt replay Ed. That does help but I though 'read all' meant that, show all content. Not list all including the old content. Maybe that should be re-worded.
Organization of the web page menus w1rfi on 26/7/11
I always go looking for main topics that appeared on the main page a few days ago and find they have been replaced. We used to be able to scroll back through earlier posts, Now just limited to the latest headlines.

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