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smart meters Sep 30th 2012, 23:56 5 9,433 on 1/12/21

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ARRL mail forward problem. WB7OUT on 30/11/17
when I forward emails they go to my wife It used to work fine, all mail went to, then everything changed. My wife is not a member of arrl. I checked my profile and cannot find where kn1d@tds is listed. Help.
smart meters K1SCE on 30/9/12
Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc
Po box 8
East Montpelier, Vermont 05651 will be installing Smart meters withing the next few months in my town, Northfield, vermont.
These meters are using wired or power line carrier meter communications, on a 12.5 Kilohertz, between my meter and substation, where the signal is captured, and then delivered via private internet network.

1. should I be concerned with this 12.5 KHz (or harmonic) being transmitted via power line?

2. Are there any reports published, either negative or positive on these meters (12.5 khz) used in other parts of the country?

3. If there is interference how should I handle it to have it resolved asap?

contact person at Washington electric - Bill Powell, 802-223-5245

I can refuse to have the meter installed but would like to be fair to Wash elec, my neighbors and my self.
thank You
Jim Gricci, k1sce (email my call via arrl)

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