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5 Band DXCC Application

5 Band DXCC and LoTW

At present, LoTW is not configured to allow for applications for 5 Band DXCC. Until this is done many questions are asked about how to apply. Please follow these simple steps for your 5 Band DXCC application via LoTW:

  • Sign in to your LoTW account
  • Click 'Awards'
  • On the left 'Select DXCC Award Account'
  • Then on further left click 'Application"
  • Follow all screens as you do for any normal LoTW application
  • On the last screen (Part Four) there is a comment box in the upper portion. Here, note your request for the 5 Band DXCC award and DXCC will catch this when your application is selected for processing.
    Special note: If you also want the 5 individual single-band certificates, check each box for these on part three of the LoTW application process. In this case you will receive 5 single-band certificates in addition to the 5 band DXCC certificate. But, if you only want the 5 Band DXCC certificate do not check anything relating to the 5 individual bands
  • Remember, if you choose 'Payment By Mail' - that payment must be received within 30 days or your application may expire and be cancelled

Note 1: Please disregard the fees noted as they will most likely be different than what is noted in the fee portion of the LoTW application. The correct fee(s) will be charged according to the current fee schedule.

Note 2: If in LoTW you have absolutely no QSOs to use to make a submission for 5 Band DXCC you should print out and complete a DXCC application and e-mail it to noting your request for a NEW 5 Band DXCC. If you qualify for any endorsement band(s) note it here, too. Be sure to include payment. Or, you can order by telephone to (860) 594-0411 or complete a DXCC application form and FAX it to (860) 594-0346. Be sure to note in the e-mail or somewhere on the application form if you would like to purchase the wall plaque and/or lapel pin. A DXCC program 'Item Order Form' is also available for download at

See Section I Basic Rules rule 1(r) for information regarding 5 Band DXCC.

Send questions regarding 5 Band DXCC to


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