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Information and Resources

Here is a list of material which may be useful in your presentation:


Additional material which is useful in explaining what Amateur Radio is to non-amateurs can be found on the ARRL web site.


FCC Letters Affirming PRB-1

Here is a letter from the FCC  to a New York assemblyman affirming PRB-1 and how it applies to amateurs. Other eaxmples of FCC letters.

  • The "Pettit letter" was written to ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay concerning an ordinance in Pierre, SD that sought to regulate interference. It shows that the local governments can't regulate interference since only the FCC can.
  • The "Haller letter" was written by the FCC on behalf of an amateur whose application for a variance that was denied based on possible interference to home entertainment equipment. This letter also states that the higher the antenna, the less potential for interference to home entertainment equipment.
  • The "McNamara letter" which was written to the neighbor of a ham who insisted that the FCC laws on interference were too lenient and should be strengthened. The FCC explained to the non-amateur that the current interference regulations were adequate and should not be changed.
  • The "Smith letter" Re: Ordinance Regulating Radio Frequence Interference


The ARRL's FCC Rule Book; Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur

The ARRL's FCC Rule Book and Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur (by Fred Hopengarten, K1VR) are excellent reference publicatons for amateurs faced with zoning difficulties. Both can be ordered on-line from Amateur Radio dealers around the country.


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