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Please read the Power-line Noise FAQ and follow the steps set up by the ARRL and FCC to efficiently handle power-line noise interference complaints.  If reasonable efforts have been made to try to resolve interference directly with the power companny and it is not able to correct your noise, read the FAQs and applicable articles, then contact the ARRL for help, providing the information that the FAQ says is needed for ARRL to work on the case.

Please understand, the ARRL does not have any authority to enforce FCC Rules under federal law. Only the FCC is empowered to enforce its rules in the United States. The ARRL Laboratory Power Line Noise pages are our best recommendation on how to resolve a power line noise problem. However, once a complaint becomes an FCC enforcement matter, the ARRL no longer has control of how the complaint is handled.

Power Line Noise Video No. 1


Locating Power Line Noise with Mike Gruber, W1MG, of the ARRL Laboratory. A demonstration of an actual power line noise case in Pleasant Hill, California.

Power Line Noise Video No. 2

Identifying & Locating Power Line Noise, Produced by the ARRL Laboratory.


Tutorials and case histories 

Build equipment to help locate power line noise 

Web Links

Equipment you can buy to help locate power line noise

Consultants that provide training and noise-location services

  • RFI Services - Power-line workshops and troubleshooting consulting.
    RFI Services provides classroom and on-site training for power-company personnel on the techniques used to identify and cure power-line interference. They can also troubleshoot electrical-noise problems in the field.
  • ARC Technical Resources, Inc.
    Providers of electromagnetic compatibility training, equipment, systems and services, including power-line noise locating.
  • Lichtig EMC Consulting
    Provides power-line noise consultation services. Also provides EMC consultation services to the telecommunications industry.

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