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Software Defined Radio


Software Defined Radio or SDR is the use of digital signal processing to detect radio signals. While you don’t have to know how it works to use it, these articles are a great resource for hams who enjoy learning about technology.


  • The DSP-10: An All-Mode 2-Meter Transceiver Using a DSP IF and PC-Controlled Front Panel by Bob Larkin, W7PUA
    What's neat about this 2-meter transceiver is that most of it is in software! Your PC is its front panel.
    Part 1 QST September 1999, pp. 33-41
    Part 2 QST October 1999, pp. 34-40
    Part 3 QST November 1999, pp. 42-45
    Note: additional Web link
  • Signals, Samples and Stuff: A DSP Tutorial by Doug Smith, KF6DX/7
    Part 1 QEX, March 1998, pp. 3-16
    Part 2 QEX, May 1998, pp. 22-37
    Part 3 QEX, July 1998, pp. 13-27
    Part 4 QEX, September 1998, pp. 19-29
  • Linux, Software Radio and the Radio Amateur
    QST October 2002, pp. 33-35
    How software radio technology might revitalize experimentation in Amateur Radio
  • A Software-Defined Radio for the Masses by Gerald Youngblood, AC5OG
    This series describes a complete PC-based, software-defined radio that uses a sound card and an innovative detector circuit.
    Part 1 QEX Jul/Aug 2002, pp. 13-21
    Part 2 QEX Sep/Oct 2002, pp. 10-18
    Part 3 QEX, Nov/Dec 2002, pp. 27-36
    Part 4 QEX, Mar/Apr 2003, pp. 20-31
  • Software-Defined Hardware for Software-Defined Radios
    QEX Sep/Oct 2002, pp. 41-50
    Using programmable logic in Amateur Radio applications
  • A High-Performance Digital Transceiver Design by James Scarlett, KD7O
    Data-converter technology has made tremendous strides in the past several years. Lets take a look at how we can achieve high performance in an almost-all-digital radio design.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

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